About us

Introducing our team


Dr. Nariman Ghassemi graduated from Northwestern health sciences University with Doctor of Chiropractic in year 2019 and Osteopathic Manual Therapy diploma in year 2021 in London College of Osteopathy in Ontario.

Doctor Ghassemi works with a wide variety of patient populations and have seen over 2000+ patients from young babies to adults and elderly patients. He uses functional assessments and rehabilitation to improve not only the areas of complaint, but also overall performance. Right now, he is working in two clinics: Dartmouth health and wellness clinic as well as Massage addict Bedford location. First, he takes patients histories and continues with chiropractic examinations that includes orthopedic tests, posture analysis, ranges of motions evaluation to come up with an appropriate diagnosis for each patient. Doctor Ghassemi goal is to improve patients overall health by performing profession joint manipulation and guiding the patients with appropriate exercises. These factors assist patients to be relieved from their current symptoms, as well as to reduce the possibility of re-injury in the future.

His Certifications are:

  • 1) GRASTON soft tissue mobilization technique
  • 2) Kinesiology Taping
  • 3) Concussion testing
  • 4) Drug and alcohol examinations

Acupuncturist :

Fariba Ghannadan gradauted from the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in year 2018. She has over 4 years experience in Regular/Cosmetic Acupuncture, fire cupping, ear Needling /Guasha, Acupressure Treatment, and Meridian and Facial massage massage. She is a caring person with an exceptional patient centric approach toward her treatment. If you ask her why she started to study Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine she would reply: It goes back to many years ago when my brother immigrated to Canada and I got a chance to meet him once again after a long time. Everyday, while we were walking by the shore in Halifax, we had an opportunity to talk about holistic approach toward medicine. He was fascinated to share his personal experiences and to let me know that nature have had a profound effect upon his life as a gateways from the outer world to the inner world.

In fact, he was the reason that I opened up to the new world of Natural Medicine. I used to see him sitting next to the ocean, meditating while listening to the waves and birds singing. He used to talk about the self healing power of our bodies and how Acupuncture treatments has helped him to over come his chronic back-pain and to eliminate his stress level. While his personal experiences were dear to me, I was raised in a family that believe in a scientific approach toward medicine. About twenty years ago, before I immigrate to Canada and prior to getting approached toward traditional chines medicine, I was lucky enough to meet my husband in the university. He was a first-year medical student who was passionate about western medicine and surgery and his personal motivations and well planed goals helped him to become an orthopedic surgeon. Since then, for more than fifteen years, my husband was and still is one of the happiest people in the earth as he had many successful opportunities to save his patient’s lives and to help less fortune families by providing discount for their medical costs. Similarly, I was getting my bachelor’s degree in food sciences and my thoughts were all based around the idea that scientific method points towards the truth in life and healing.

On the other hand, knowing that my brother and some of my closest friends had some success with Acupuncture, I was so curious about it and I wanted to explore this new magnificent spiritual world. As the result, I traveled to Bedford, Nova-scotia and made an appointment to talk to the owner of the natural medicine college (CCATCM ). After my initial chat with a kind and happy girl named Jennifer, I decided to apply to this college and shortly after, I was accepted to take this journey. I was fortunate enough to get student loans and start my new profession. In the first year, it was still hard for me to accept the new approach and I comparing TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and modern medicine was a second nature and there were some overlap of materials such as Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology classes. After taking all classes for few months, my real life’s hands-on experience started in the clinic as I shadowed Joule who at the time was working on a patient that was diagnosed by MS. After just one session treatment by Joule, I observed huge improvement in her symptoms. now I found that I didn’t chose natural medicine, TCM chose me to be a healer that wants to work with her heart.