Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Some of the best reasons to use acupuncture to lose weight is that it is effective in providing lasting relief without resorting to harsh diet regimes, involving invasive surgery, diet medications or extreme physical exercise.
It requires a small investment of energy, a small amount of time and a dedication to rely on traditional medicine.
Acupuncture helps bring the body into harmony with your weight loss objectives. This is will not replace the need to eat properly and exercise regularly.

Sensitive Points for Acupuncture

The sentive points for acupunture depends on the objective. For weight loss, there are a number of key areas on the body. The areas related to digestion and food intake are particularly important, such as the spleen, stomach, and kidney channel systems as well as auricular (ear) points related to the mouth and thus appetite. Acupuncture aimed at stimulating the neuroendocrine system to ensure proper Qi flow in the body can help improve appetite and metabolic rate.

How acupuncture for weight loss helps ?

The acupuncture points stimulate the central nervous system. This in turns stimulates the delivery of chemicals to the body’s muscles, spinal cord and brain. These biochemical changes can stimulate the body’s natural recovery capacities and promote both physical and emotional comfort.

The acupuncture helps in loosing weight through increasing metabolism, minimizing water retention, optimizing digestion, reducing appetite, lowering sugar appetite, and more.

How many sessions for weight loss?

Although acupuncture is an effective method for weight loss, perseverance is essential. The process require At least two to three sessions per week, to achieve the desired results. Acupuncture should be accompanied with a healthy life style.

Is acupuncture safe ?

The potential risks of acupuncture are very low if you have a qualified and certified practitioner who knows the procedures correctly and uses sterile and single-used needles. Acupuncture is safe in our clinic.